Montreal Road Trip

View of the city of Montreal from the top of Mont Royal. On a clear day, you can see all the way to New York!

Bonjour mes amis! Comment ça va?  We have returned from our trip to Montreal where we have a wonderful time, met wonderful people everywhere we went, and had terrific food. And I have to say, that for our first big road trip with the kids, things went fairly smoothly and no one got car sick, thanks to our Sea Band bracelets.

I thought I was being pretty clever when I decided to forego packing our stuff in luggage and instead used a clear Sterilite container with lid.  Omg! So easy.  I was able to pack the kids clothes, shoes, and raingear and still have room for my clothes.  We packed my husband’s clothes and gear in a smaller Sterilite container and, Voila!, we were good to go! The only other things we packed were the umbrella strollers, a cooler bag with water and snacks, and a storage cube that fit perfectly between the kids’ car seats in the back.

In the cube I packed some essentials and some things to help keep them entertained, like books, dvds (my kids love Home), first aid kit, water bottles, travel pillows, light blankets for each, old-school disposable cameras, coloring books with the markers that only work on those books, tissues, wipes, and fruit n’ yogurt snacks.  I had saved two cereal boxes and cut off the tops.  In one box, I put the books, in the other I put the tissues, wipes, and snacks.  This worked out great!  The kids could grab what they needed or wanted without yelling for my husband or me every five minutes.  Our trip went fairly smoothly, although I had to laugh when, after crossing the Tappan Zee bridge, my son asked “Are we in Canada yet?  Do you want to go to China tomorrow?”

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