The End of an Era

To nap or not to nap… that is the question.

We are sadly closing on another chapter of toddlerhood…. naps.  For many of our friends, their kids gave up naps a long time ago.  But until recently, my two little ones still took a nap every day and still slept nine hours every night.  And I cherished that hour to hour and a half of blissful, quiet “me” time!

But now we face the daily dilemma of trying to figure out if they can make it through the day without the nap.  The trade-off has big consequences.  If they take a nap, they fall asleep later at night.  If they don’t nap, my sweet cherubs show their fangs around dinner time and it is NOT pretty!  However, they do go to sleep a little earlier and quicker at night.  What to do? What to do?

That’s why I love this book, The Sleepeasy Solution by Jennifer Waldburger and Jill Spivack.  This book has been my bible for handling sleep-training, naptimes, and all the possible situations that come with getting your child to sleep.

For now, I am going to hold onto naps a little while longer, but try to limit them to no more than one hour.  At least for the summer… when school begins, both kids will have a full day and by then, naps may have to become a thing of the past. <Sigh!>



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