The Day After

So below is the view of the solar eclipse from New York.  About an hour before the eclipse occurred here (about 1:30 pm) it got really cloudy.  And we thought that we weren’t going to get to see this phenomenon at all.  We tried going to the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, but it was super busy and there was a line down the stairs up the hill and down the street by the time we got there.  And the doors to the museum hadn’t even opened yet!  So, we turned around and went home.  Luckily, the balcony to our apartment in the Bronx has a southern exposure and so we put on the tv to live stream it and hung out on the balcony and watched with dismay as the clouds rolled in.

But not to worry, it turned out the because of the clouds, we got so see the really orange halo around the sun.  We did not get a total eclipse here in New York, so what we saw was a crescent shape. 

We also were not able to get an image using the Sun Art paper and the pin hole camera.  That’s ok.  I kinda figured we wouldn’t get an image, but it was worth a shot anyway.  We did get some cool pictures with the iPhone and it was a great learning experience for the kids.  Of course, the funny thing was that I was trying to talk to my kids about this for days and kept feeling like they weren’t listening.  But then, as we were waiting for the eclipse to happen, my son sat there and explained in detail, using his hands as the sun and the moon and explained to his grandparents what was going to happen.  Go Figure!!!!

As for the Sun Art paper, we will save it for one of our next nature walks and create images with found objects.

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