Steve and Thomas

We had a new pet.  His name was Steve.  Steve was (is) a roly poly bug.  My son loves roly poly bugs (also called pill bugs).  So, today when we were outside playing he found one and immediately wanted to put it in his bug house.  After fixing up for the bug, he announced that “Steve” needed some food.

“You named the bug?” I asked, “Is Steve staying with us?”

Later, my son wanted to take Steve out for a walk.  “Steve needs fresh air,” he stated.  Steve was too small to use a leash so we carried him in the bug house.

Alas, my son took Steve out to show him the grass and Steve made a quick get-away for freedom by falling off his hand and disappearing into the grass.  For about three minutes, my son was crushed.  Until he found an even bigger roly poly bug and named him Thomas.

Au revoir Steve.  It was fun while it lasted.  Bonjour Thomas.

Check out this adorable bug house!  It comes with a bug catcher and magnifying glass.  Just add bugs!!!


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