Set the alarm…

Omg, am I the only one who is suddenly SOOOOO ready to go back to work?  Seriously, I love my kids, we had an awesome summer hanging out together.  However, they have REALLY tested my patience these last few days.  I don’t know… could it be that they know a transition is coming?  That our lives will go from being lazy-cuddle-in-bed-with-mom-while-dad-goes-off-to-work days to  you-have-five-minutes-to-finish-your-breakfast-and-get-dressed-for-school kind of days?  A friend mentioned that there is a full moon coming up.  Any teacher I know knows that full moons always affect kids in school.  I checked.  Full moon on Wednesday.  That must be it.

Either way, I had a glass of wine at dinner tonight.  Now, I’m wishing they would go to sleep early so that I can too.  This way I can get an early start tomorrow in order to get a parking spot at the high school for the district meeting for the teachers.  If you get there after 7:30, you won’t get a spot.  I’m not kidding.  Over three thousand teachers with their cars, vying for that last parking spot – it’s not pretty.  Ok, if I leave here at 6:50, I can get there by 7:10.  That should give me time to snag one of the few remaining… and then realize that I miss summer vacation and the kids….

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