Just when I think I’ve got it together….

I’m driving to Jury Duty, and I’m cutting it close to the time we’re supposed to be there.  Three blocks from the Grand Concourse I get stuck in traffic and spill, nay, dribble (there, I admit it, I dribbled) coffee down my white sweater.  AARRGGHH!

I’ve got at least six of those little laundry stick things that take out stains and not one of them is in my purse.  Are…you…kidding…me?  I sigh as I realize that they are probably in the linen closet or another purse at home.

The only thing I can find it a little bottle of allergy eye drops and a used napkin on the back floor of the car from the kids, and as I creep forward in traffic I frantically squeeze half the bottle on the coffee stain and try to blot it with the napkin.  Did it work?

It did!  Mostly.  Sometimes, I am very lucky.

I’m doing laundry with the kids and realize that I forgot to put the laundry soap in one of the machines.  Now, we live in an apartment building and the machines in the laundry room are the type where the door locks after the cycle starts.  And now I just spent $1.75 on a load of laundry that is not even going to get clean.  Uuugghhh!

Then I get a spark of inspiration, pull open the little drawer meant for liquid soap and drop the pod in there.  After all, they are designed to dissolve when they get wet, right?  Ta da!!!!

And it actually worked!

Later, as we’re taking one of the loads out of the machine, I realize the clothes all look like there is lint on them.  A closer look and I discover that it is actually little gel crumbs.  I pull more laundry out and discover, not one but, two diapers in the machine.  Gross!  Then I hear my son giggling.  He thought he had played a good joke on me.

Needless to say, I had to wash the clothes again…

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