So… the other day Itags wore my pants inside out.  Not intentionally.  I didn’t realize they were inside-out until I sat down for a meeting at lunch.  I realized there was a funny ridge on the outside of my leg.  Confused, I looked down and discovered that the seam was on the outside.

This is what happens when you get dressed in the dark.  Why?  Because you don’t want to wake the three year old who climbed into your bed at 2 a.m. and is now snoring away while you use the flashlight app on your phone to grope through your closet to pick out your clothes for the day.

I had a moment of panic.  Surely everyone noticed!  Maybe they were just being polite by not mentioning it.  Trying not to draw any attention to myself, I reached behind me pretending to straighten my shirt.  Nope… thank goodness I had worn a shirt that covered my backside and the tags.  I breathed a small sigh of relief as I then realized, my students did not say anything all morning.  And these kids don’t miss anything!  Surely, they would have said something if they noticed this major wardrobe mistake.

I laughed about it with my husband that night as I prepared dinner.  I was relieved that my crazy day was over.  Until I took the package of salmon out of the fridge and discovered that I had defrosted ground turkey…

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