Have you got a spare 15?

So, I have managed to find a spare 15 minutes almost every morning this past week.  It is fabulous!  I enjoy my coffee a bit, eat a bite or two of breakfast, I’m not hungry first thing in the morning, but know that I probably won’t have a chance to grab a bit until noon.  And one day, I even went to work early to get ahead of some tasks.

So, what am I doing differently?  First off, having the morning checklist for the kids is finally paying off.  They are becoming more self-sufficient with it and now I only have to remind them to check their list.  Some mornings they are a little competitive about it, but that’s ok.  A competitive spirit means they are motivated.

Secondly, preparing lunches the night before most definitely helps.  I LOVE Bentgo boxes, they are on sale today on Groupon.com for $19.99.  I just bought myself a Bentgo salad bowl, also on sale for $14.99.  (By the way, I am not an affiliate for Groupon, I just happened to notice these deals today and thought I would share.  I hold no responsibility for price changes or product availability.) 

And third, I stop stressing about everything and trying to do five things at once.  It’s not easy, I’m still practicing this.  But after reading an article about how we are actually less productive when we multi-task, I often have to stop and force myself to prioritize.  Which is the most important task to complete first?  Then I can focus and complete one thing at a time.   This has been very helpful in the morning when I realize that I’m packing lunch bags  and make breakfast at the same time.  Breakfast first.  Then, while the kids are happily eating, I can pack their lunch bags.  Then I can move on to getting them dressed and ready for school.

And when I find that extra 15 minutes in the morning, I can sit with my kids and have a few extra special moments with them.  And that makes it all worthwhile!

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