Burning Questions from a Kid’s Mind

Remember the last time your  kid asked you a question that made you stop in your tracks ?  It’s probably happened more than once .  Your first response might have been “We don’t talk about such thing!”  But then you realize that the question is coming from a mind that is immensely curious and still learning about this world,  even though it might teeter on the border of “Ewww, gross!”  Below is a few of those questions that my own kids have asked me and some answers to help you through those awkward moments, when you’re not sure how to respond:

What are farts made out of? So I actually looked this one up because, you know, teachable moment.  The average human farts 14-15 times a day.  Farts are comprised of various gases such as nitrogen, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.  Passing gas is normal, I explained to my son.  We just have to remember to say “excuse me” when it happens.  I’m sure you are so happy you kept reading this article right now…

Why is Alexa’s head in the cloud?  If you don’t have an Amazon Fire Stick or Echo, then this question probably won’t be brought up in your house. One of the kids discovered that Alexa on the Fire Stick will answer questions.  The problem is that he thinks he is talking to a real person and one day he asked Alexa where she lived.  Her response?  “I’m here and my head is in the cloud.”  WHOA!  WHAT?  Three weeks later, I am still trying to explain that the cloud is storage for computers and all of their knowledge.   I tried to be as basic as possible, I couldn’t really explain how it is really a network of servers that allow you to store and access information.  This would bring up a whole other list of questions that I would have to go and research before answering.  Very esoteric for a 5 year to wrap their head around.

If I eat all of my fruits and vegetables, will I grow up as tall as Alexa? Uh…. sure! (If this gets the picky eater to eat a carrot, I’ll try it.)  Which then led to:  How big is Alexa’s bed?  and Does Alexa have a bunk bed like us?  Of course, this novelty of being able to grow as tall as Alexa only convinced them to eat vegetables without complaint for about a week.

Why is pee yellow? This happens because your body is ridding itself of urochrome. There is a more detailed explanation on Medical New Todays website.   This was a good chance to explain to the kids that when they go to the bathroom, the color should be a light yellow.  If they are not drinking enough water, then the color will be darker, which means their body needs more water to be healthy.   Still happy you’re still reading this article?

Do bugs sleep? Do they snore like mommy? Most bugs go into a sleep-like state called torpor.  There is a great educational website called Wonderopolis that explains more.  Your kids will have a blast exploring answers to all of their burning questions, plus ones they haven’t even thought of yet.

And, no, bugs do not snore.  That’s because they have a different system of breathing from people.  And mommy doesn’t snore either!  I have delicate sinuses, that’s all….

Can I take the cat’s temperature with the thermometer? This, of course, led to a discussion about the logistics of that and how the cat would not be too happy about having her temperature taken, never mind the fact that there was no way we were using our brand new thermometer for the cat.  Do you know how hard it is to find a thermometer that you like? Seriously, it took four years to find one that I feel is accurate, and it’s an old-school one (like the old mercury thermometers).  This one uses Galinstan, an environmentally friendly substitute for mercury.


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