Road Trip

Ahhh, summer vacation!  That sweet, sweet time of lazy days, summer camp, swimming, and traveling.  Our family is taking a road trip this summer.  That’s right, six hours (or so) of “Are we there yet?” and “Don’t make me pull this car over!”.  So.  Much.  Fun!!!

I have found some great things for our trip and wanted to share them with you.  Like a travel journal for the kids.  Mine are just learning to write, but each day we can fill it out together and help them remember where we went and what we saw.

It’s also really cool to see your travels from a kid’s perspective.  A tough waterproof digital camera is the way to go, like this PowMax HH-J52 Underwater Action Camera.

And don’t forget the snacks and water for the car!  We love the wholesomeness of  Don’t Go Nuts bars and GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce, even though no one in our family has any food allergies (they’re great for school, too!).

And we just got these Simple Modern Summit Water Bottles, they have 22 of coolest colors in 6 different sizes.  Each person in your family can choose their favorite and no arguing about anyone taking someone else’s bottle.  Look out world, here we come!

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