The Haircut

Do you ever look at your child (or children) in amazement and think about how incredible they are? This beautiful child who melts your heart with his or her smile, or little hand that holds your hand.  Who turns your world upside down and you cannot clearly remember life before your child was born?  Think about how much they have learned over just a few short years.  This tiny human has learned to talk (sometimes in two different languages), how to walk, and hundreds of other things.  I read somewhere once that you learn more in your first three years than you do for the next eighteen.  He or she will amaze you with the songs they sing, the dance moves they’ve learned, and the unending curiosity to figure out how everything in the world works by asking you 1,001 questions.


Do you ever look at your child in amazement and think, ”Where in the world did they get the idea to give themselves a haircut?”  Or “Why in the world did you think my favorite lip gloss would be good for finger painting on the mirror?”  Which is exactly what happened to me yesterday.  What I really couldn’t believe is how my sweet little girl could look me straight in the eye and deny that she cut her hair and used up my favorite lip gloss.  There was a clump of hair in the garbage pail, and her hair, which is all one length, suddenly had bangs.   How she could think I wouldn’t figure this out?

Of course, we had a talk about telling the truth, not cutting our hair (or anyone else’s hair), and not touching mommy’s makeup.  We have had varying conversations before.  Raise your hand if any of these sound familiar:

  • Writing on the wall
  • Eating the cat/dog’s food
  • Writing on the floor (with permanent marker)
  • Feeding the cat your lollipop
  • Writing on the couch with crayon (are you starting to see a pattern here?)
  • Trying to dress the cat/dog as a baby (ok, we definitely have a pattern here)
  • Drawing on yourself or a sibling with markers (I know, I know, we are very artistic, it’s just that paper doesn’t seem be first choice here)

I know everyone has a story or two similar to mine.  It’s easy to forget that even though we know not to do these things, our kids don’t know that these are not okay.  Please share what happened and how you dealt with it.  I am looking forward to hear from you!

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